• Series design

    With the improvement of integration, distribution, genetic element, make the enterprise products with distinctive brand features, enhance brand image.

  • Appearance design

    澳门金牛版-澳门金牛六彩-澳门金牛资料42923 Starting from the user experience and market perspective, do the most appropriate design, make the products more competitive market.

  • Structure design

    The existing production capacity and the kernel based on floor design reasonable construction control of production cost.

  • Production services

    MAGICAT civet cat industrial design for many years of industry experience and rich industry resources to provide a variety of customers with mass production and landing services.


About us


Was founded in Shenzhen in 2002, has been committed to" The use of MAGICAT design resources, the industrial customers to maximize the advantages, effectively transformed into brand strategy resources focus on the enterprise market demand and user experience And provide one-stop services to industrial design as the core.






  1. TCL
  2. Lenovo
  3. 步步高
  4. Hisense
  5. 信雅达
  6. Disney
  7. KONKA
  8. 商汤科技
  9. 清华同方
  10. 银达
  11. CEC
  12. Potevio
  13. VTRON
  14. ZTE中兴
  15. hybribo
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